install caffe on mac el capitan

Note for my installation

tip #1: no need to do this

brew install openblas

because veclib is an alternative built-in in mac already.
for error: cblas.h not found: we have to point out where is veclib headers are

cmake -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-I/Applications/ -DCPU_ONLY=1 ..

for error vecLib not found, open CMakeCache.txt, find the place  to change line to this


Update 24/05/2017

If you get this error

Error: Segmentation fault: 11 in Caffe (PyCaffe)

Error: Segmentation fault: 11

check again the cmake outputs, make sure python interpret and python dylib is from a same python distribution (i.e, homebrew or anaconda, miniconda)


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