Too long path in terminal of Ubuntu

Here is the problem:

I usually work with my codes store in Dropbox, and there are many projects there so when after I change directory (cd) to that folder, the path on terminal is very loooong, like this


Ah ha, now it is very annoyting to see the and type in terminal. So how to do make my life easier: use the basic trick in programming – when the line is too long, enter a new line! So simple huh.
You open yours ~/.bashrc file, find line starts with


and add

\n $

at the end ( is actual space character, not “”). Have quick look of my configuration:

Look at the pink line, they have \n $ at the end, add that to yours

Here is the outcome 🙂


PS: If you copy the whole pink line, your terminal color will be like mine too.

Have fun


One thought on “Too long path in terminal of Ubuntu

  1. Long too path error!
    “Long path tool” is very helpful for this problem. You can solve this problem like copy, delete, long path files by using this tool.
    I used to have similar problems too, but after using “long path tool” everything was solved.

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