Install Atom editor from non-root account in ubuntu

I am very excited after upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 and decide to install Atom ( but in non-root user. After a while, I could not find a solution, there is one solution here <; which does not work. So I decide to utilize my little brain.

Well, the idea is simple: Deb is a compressed file so let extract it, and It works

Command: dpkg -x atom-amd64.deb /tmp/atom

run binary in […]/bin/


Create hatch pie chart

I need to create a pie chart which is still distinguishable in black and white. I used Google and then led me to a script in Python for doing the job which is too much effort for me. I deliver the colorful pie chart – not so good – need update later.

Finally I discover this method, very simple: using LibreCalc

I will update how to that.



Copy folder structure and specific file types

I need to publish my code to gihub but my folders contain a lot of extra files such as setting files, input data files, etc. To upload only the code file, in my case, only python files there are two solution:

  1. create gitignore file and allow only .py
  2. make a new folder, clone all python files and folder structure – this is what I did. Below is the command

find . -type f -name '*.py' | cpio -p -d -v targetdir/

Face recognition – a fearful future??

Recently there is a guy in Russia  took photos of random persons on metro and used a “face” search engine to find those people on (biggest social network of Russian). Creepily, he found all of them there!!

And today, Facebook shows me this one


It is a blurry photo and Facebook could identify my friend for certain, they ask “want to tag xx – Yes – No”. This means that they know for sure that is face of my friend.

It is only a matter of time it knows any one and be used by worse guys.

Why MS and Google create free keyboard for iOS?

At first, there is one thing you might hear or not: If a product is free, we – the customers are part of product.

Today, I knew this news Microsoft iOS Keyboard and in the past  Google iOS Keyboard. The question is why they bother to make a good and free products for users?

Looking at this screenshot, you would see


For 3rd party keyboards on iOS, there is an option to allow them to connect to an internet server for advance features such as “improve prediction” :). So here is my guessing: both MS and Google are now on the way to collect user typing characters or else I am aware of. What are their big picture behind? Let’s think in another moment.