Using octave to separate mixed sound

From machine learning course of Ng, here are solving of cocktail party problem

source from


You need 2 audio recordings. You can get audio examples from

reference for implementation is

[x1, Fs1] = audioread('mix1.wav');
[x2, Fs2] = audioread('mix2.wav');
xx = [x1, x2]';
yy = sqrtm(inv(cov(xx')))*(xx-repmat(mean(xx,2),1,size(xx,2)));
[W,s,v] = svd((repmat(sum(yy.*yy,1),size(yy,1),1).*yy)*yy');

a = W*xx; %W is unmixing matrix
subplot(2,2,1); plot(x1); title('mixed audio - mic 1');
subplot(2,2,2); plot(x2); title('mixed audio - mic 2');
subplot(2,2,3); plot(a(1,:), 'g'); title('unmixed wave 1');
subplot(2,2,4); plot(a(2,:),'r'); title('unmixed wave 2');

audiowrite('unmixed1.wav', a(1,:), Fs1);
audiowrite('unmixed2.wav', a(2,:), Fs1);



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